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We supply and support Goldoni Tractors. Goldoni is a leader in the manufacture of Agriculture Machines.
Since 1926, Goldoni plan and assemble specialised tractors, utility vehicles, motorcultivators and motormowers.
Goldoni construct machines as a passion and for more than 80 years, they have continued to do so in the same way. Convinced that the best technology is that which renders work easier and more efficient and what really counts more than anything else are the results.
Over the Past 80+ years, Goldoni has built an unrivalled reputation as being one of the leading specialist tractor manufacturers.
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  1. Managing Director
    In order to be productive, agriculture needs specialized machines that work quickly and safely. Joker, the two-wheeled tractor specifically designed for specialized crops, provides undoubted guarantees for this type of work. Experience acquired during more than 80 years of manufacturing agricultural machines for specialized crops has allowed us to create a truly exceptional machine for nurseries, greenhouses and horticulture. Precision at work combined with the utmost in manoeuvrability make this two-wheeled tractor an essential machine for all market-gardeners and nurserymen in their daily work. The Joker two-wheeled tractor is extremely versatile, as testified by the numerous ways in which it can be used with the most different sorts of implement for every type of job. Thanks to its versatility and technical specifications, Joker allows you to quickly change the implements and cut grass, or sweep lawns and nurseries with use of a single driving unit
  2. Managing Director
    Compact shape and plain lines. Base 20 is the ideal tractor for the professional user or demanding D.I.y. enthusiast who needs a strong and compact machine that’s economical to run. Specifications: *Transmission 9 speeds: 6 forward + 3 reverse *PTO speed Independent at 540/540E rpm and synchronized with all gears *Flow rate hydraulic circuit 18,5 lt/min
  3. Managing Director
    The truly salient feature. Goldoni’s Maxter series is right at the very top of its category when it comes to compact size and important weights. The narrow 1370 mm wheelbase and 1680 Kg weight make Maxter a compact machine but with the right weight for guaranteeing both stability and strength. It’s the ideal machine for working between the narrowest crop rows while providing the utmost in comfort for the operator. Goldoni’s Maxter series tractors with four equal-size wheels provides an excellent wheel grip in every situation, on heavy soil, sloping or rugged ground, also thanks to the front axle, which can swing as far as 15 degrees: the tractor remains firmly on the ground in even the most critical conditions.
  4. Managing Director
    The Boxter range is a new generation of 18 to 24 HP machines designed for a new type of agriculture: groundbreaking mechanical features, technologically advanced concepts and an attractive design make Boxter a unique tractor, ideal for use where space is at a premium, but in the most versatile way. Boxter is the answer for that new generation of operators who want an all-purpose and enterprising machine but who don’t intend to do without the tried-and-tested reliability of Goldoni’s tractors: sturdiness and quality.
  5. Managing Director
    Goldoni’s Star 3000 series is an excellent answer for the needs of professional users who work in narrow vineyards and orchards. Powerful and easily handled, reliable and high on performance, these tractors are ideal partners when it comes to working in the often difficult conditions of specialized cultivations. The salient feature of the Star 3000 series is its compact size. The range includes models 3050, 3050 SL with a misaligned front axle that increases the ground clearance, plus model 3080, with power ratings ranging from 48 to 75 hp.
  6. Managing Director
    Easily handled, comfortable and planned for all-purpose use: the new range of tractors for integral orchard management are all this and more. Available in two versions, the Star 100 with the 95,2 hp Turbo intercooler engine, Star 90 with the 81,3 hp Turbo engine. The Star tractors can reach a top speed of 40 Kph. The salient features of the range are: the “two in one” transmission, with Dual Power and reverse shuttle, both synchronized, integral braking on all four wheels, the rear power lift with its generous lifting capacity and the front axle with a steering angle of over 57°. The gearshift levers at the side are in an ergonomic position and make driving more comfortable. The operator’s platform is fully independent and is installed on Silent-Blocks, keeping the noise perceived by the driver in the cab down to 82 dB. The heated, filtered and air conditioned cab is available as an alternative to the safety frame and completely insulates the operator against noise, vibrations and the substances used for pest control treatments.
  7. Managing Director
    Quasar 90 tractors are in a class of their own. They know no rivals on the market. The bodywork with its aggressive, overhanging design, the tight turning radius, the four large driving wheels (which are almost isodiametric) and the powerful engines, make Quasar 90 the ideal machine for working between the rows of orchards and vineyards where the crops are low and there’s not much space for manoeuvring. The compact bearing structure, where 50% of the weight is distributed on the front axle and 50% on the rear one, features a low center of gravity that’s near to the center of the machine. It also allows the driving power to be fully discharged on to the ground, so that the operators can work in full safety with even heavy implements and on steep slopes
  8. Managing Director
    A full range of utility vehicles. Goldoni’s Transcar range has been designed for the specific requirements of operators who work in mountain areas and need machines that must also be used for transporting purposes. With a wide variety of engines, ranging from 22 to 66 hp, air or water cooling, the choice between steering wheels or an articulated machine, Goldoni offers the most complete range now available on the market. *Transmission 6+3 for Transcar 25 RS & SN 8+4 for Transcar 28 RS & SN - Transcar 33 RS & SN 8+8 for Transcar 40-60-70 RS & SN *Carrying capacity 3500 Kg for Transcar 25 and 28 RS & SN 4000 Kg for Transcar 33 RS & SN 4500 Kg for Transcar 40-60-70 RS & SN